Anime Watchlist

Anime Watchlist

To know me is to know that Majin Vegeta has been my favorite character in fantasy and reality my entire life. I have watched every DBZ episode at least 4 times. Huge unapologetic fan of anime and Asian culture in general. For those who would like to invest more in the art here is a list of great ones to watch. 

Dragon Ball 

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Super

One Piece (1000 episodes)

Jujutsu Kaisen


Rurouni Kenshin

Demon Slayer

Attack On Titan

Avatar The Last Air Bender

The Legend of Korra 

High School of the Dead

One-Punch Man

Spy Family

Black Clover

Death Note 

7 Deadly Sins

Naruto Shippuden (Best Storyline of them all but also nearly 1000 episodes) 

Full Metal Alchemist 

Yu Yu Hakusho

Michiko and Hatchin

Samurai Champloo

The Boondocks

Spirited Away (Amazing Movie)

Sailor Moon

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing


Teen Titan's (DO NOT watch "Teen Titan's Go," it is a toddler version)

Samurai Jack

Digimon Adventure




Tokyo Ghoul

Cowboy Bebop



Super Crooks

The Way of The House Husband  

No I have not finished every single show, but definitely close to it. Of course these kinds of shows can appear childish, when really it is just universal. The concepts and imagery all remain the same as any other show. Sometimes I like the emotional stories/lessons but 90% of what I watch is just the fight scenes and the color/animations behind it. Heavy martial arts in anime and emphasis on self love honestly. 


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