Famous Scorpio Artists and Scientists

Famous Scorpio Artists and Scientists

I honestly cannot explain why I am so talented or smart. I do not take many notes, I skip class, and I rarely practice anything. I can just do things. While I have a degree in Sports Management and Business minor, I always said if I went back to college I would be a Physics major. And I had the chance to go to VCU Arts School but I didn't want to be told what to draw. So in the mean time here are the great minds I have researched born similar around the time I was.


Georgia O'Keefe (Nov.15 painter)

Morton Wayne Thiebaud (Nov.15 painter) (Very similar pieces to mine)

E-40 (Nov.15 rapper)

Ol' Dirty Bastard (Nov.15 rapper)

Drake (rapper)

Future (rapper) (most influential) 

Monica (singer) (my favorite singer)

Pablo Picasso (painter)

Ciara (singer)

Frank Ocean (singer)

SZA (singer)

Claude Monet (painter)

Travis Barker (drummer)

Lavar Ball (Father of the Century)

Eve (rapper)

Tech N9ne (rapper)

Big Pun (rapper)

Fabolous (rapper)

French Montana (rapper)

Warren G (rapper)

Rev Run (rapper)

Schoolboy Q (rapper & golfer)

Bootsy Collins (singer)

Sisqo (singer)

Steve Ditko (artist for Marvel)

Claude Cahun (photographer)

Francisco de Zurbaran (painter)

Sonia Delaunay (painter)

Ana Mendieta (performance artist)

Hannah Hoch (artist)

Marie Curie (physicist) (could argue she's the smartest woman ever)

George Boole (mathematician) 

Edwin Powell Hubble (Hubble telescope)

Benoit Mandelbrot (mathematician)

Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo game designer)

Alfred Wegener (discovered continental drift)

Tracee Ellis Ross (actress)

Devin Hester (football player) (reason I'm a Bears fan)

Condoleezza Rice (politician)

Mike Epps (comedian)

Omarion (singer)

Jalen Ramsey (football player) (generational talent)

Len Bias (basketball player)

John Rahm (golfer) (favorite golfer)

Leopold Mozart (composer)

Deonte Wilder (boxer)

Terrence McKenna (philosopher/ethnobotanist)

Fyodor Dostoevsky (Russian novelist)

Ian Stevenson (UVA professor & Reincarnation Pyschiatrist)




I ask myself; how can I be so talented? I have no clue. But I kept going outside and I watched the birds and it started to make sense. When I went fishing, I saw 2 dolphins. Then one day I saw an octopus and I knew the assignment. 




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