No Slander List

No Slander List

There are some people that truly have gotten too comfortable disrespecting the black community, and I would argue with you as to why you cannot say anything wrong about the following people:


Cam Newton (my biggest pet peeve is hearing bad Cam Newton takes)

Michael Vick

Allen Iverson

Michael Jackson and Jackson Family

The Wayans Family 

Mike Tomlin

J. Cole



Kobe Bryant

DMX (Went multiplatinum 3 times in 18 months selling hard copies, will never ever be done again)


Kanye West (the greatest artist to ever walk the planet)

Arthur Ashe

Kwame Brown

Tyrod Taylor

Tracee Ellis Ross

Naomi Osaka

Tiger Woods (Greatest Golfer of All-Time)

Derrick Rose

Kyrie Irving 

Floyd Mayweather 

Chad Ochocinco

Lavar Ball (none of you would ever bet on your kids and stand in front of them like he did)

Dick Gregory

JR Smith

Queen Latifah (Best female rapper ever to me)

Nick Cannon

Kevin Samuels

Terrel Owens (3rd best receiver all time statistically)

Master P (who we really should be listening to)

Deion Sanders 

Dave Chappelle

Pastor Mase 

Bill Russell 

Harold Varner III

Lamar Jackson

Lovie Smith


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