Welcome, my name is Alexandra Weil (COO). I manage editing, marketing, and project development. When I first met Reggie in 2015, we were both pursuing our degrees in Sports Management at James Madison University. Though our paths have taken us many different places in life, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. You may not understand why things are happening when they do, but it all makes sense in the future. Reggie has always drawn, painted, and talked about owning a business in his free time. Him and I believe that His:soul Art is something that will grow and evolve every day. The main goal of the business is to share art and connect with people from all walks of life.
I wanted to start a platform where I could emphasize investing in our women and children. Also, I wanted to promote the people who've helped me along my journey. I hope to open minds to a new way we all view and value certain things differently. When you see my artwork you will feel what I'm getting at, the more I share. 
Why Hissoul Art?
Well one of my favorite artists who helped educate and inspire me most was Nipsey Hussle, like most. And when I look at the world I can see people creating and rewriting their own history (His-Story). We all see the same things differently and respond in all kinds of ways consciously or subconsciously. My point being is, no matter what, you always have to remain yourself and find what you can offer to the Earth. Energy is contagious and if your heart and spirit is in it, then it is probably going to happen. If it is for good, then it will endure forever like my art.
I want to share my artwork and have open discussion to help connect the people. While also, giving my personal thoughts on how to help each other grow. Let's practice better habits.
I want this platform to be an ongoing resource for all the people who believe that the information we are going to offer can benefit their lives.
The Moment I Knew
I saw Kanye West walk into the offices at Rockefeller and perform "All Falls Down." When he said," She couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis," and nobody flinched. They asked him when was he making new beats. To me the whole record label should've been fired. In that moment I understood nobody else can see genius but other geniuses.